BMW with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and BMW in Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise isn’t the only star of the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, “Rogue Nation,” nor are the car stunts the only aspect of the new flick that’s sure to get your heart pounding.

That’s right, Southampton, NY Bimmer Enthusiasts: you can once again see some truly spectacular BMW vehicles and even motorcycles on the big screen this summer. And according to the Rogue Nation stars themselves, the BMW vehicles don’t just look exciting in the blockbuster, but were a joy to drive as well.

From action-packed chase sequences, burn outs, and more, the BMW models included in the film are really put through the paces. But BMW is no stranger to extreme driving conditions, and here at BMW of Southampton, we can think of no brand better suited to the mission.

Take a look at this clip from the World Premiere of the new action flick that took place last week in Vienna, and see what some of the film’s leading men and ladies’ driving impressions were of the German automotive brand’s cutting-edge vehicles.

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