new BMW 7- series

All New BMW 7-Series

Gather close, BMW enthusiasts, because our team at BMW of Southampton is about to reveal to you the all-new BMW 7 Series. Well, sort of. We’ll show you what we can in the preview below, and highlight a few of our favorite anticipated features. Take a look.

Take a moment to pick up your jaw off the floor and compose yourself, we realize that was a lot of exciting stuff to throw at you all at once. Allow us to gather your thoughts for you as we cover a few highlights. First, the Remote Control Parking function. Forget your keys (a lot of you probably do anyway), and rely now on the BMW Display Key, which serves as a remote control and LCD control screen. We see a continued commitment to the driver-car relationship with the added BMW Gesture control, providing the all-new Gesture Command center and touchscreen navigation.

As we learn more, we’ll be sure to alert you here on the blog. Stay tuned, because we expect another update shortly.